A 21 Homecoming Salute

Does your neighborhood have a theme song?

Here on Washington Avenue in Urbana, Ohio,  it would have to be “Fight on, Urbana,” or maybe “Hang on Sloopy.” One Thursday evening of the past 21 Octobers my family has stopped whatever else we were doing as these songs pealed past our house through the crisp autumn air.

In all that time we’ve lived two blocks from Urbana High School, in the home stretch of the school’s homecoming parade.  We’ve watched a lot of kids pass by on hay wagon floats, in the homecoming court’s caravan of convertibles, and, of course, in the band.

Backed by a driving drum cadence, it’s been a favorite fall tradition that’s helped us keep time. And it has offered an opportunity for family and friends to gather at our house.

While we’ve watched the parade together, time has marched on. As evidence, the photo above is of our son Alex and his friend LeAnn Harrigan (with Alex’s cousin Becca and Uncle Paul in the background) watching the big kids have their day in the homecoming parade. The photo at left, from a couple of weeks ago, is of Alex escorting LeAnn, this year’s homecoming queen.

What are your neighborhood favorites?

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