Get Ready to Ramble … in Champaign County!

Just a warning. In today’s post, I’m going to wander. Not aimlessly, mind you. But do try to keep up.

Champaign County, Ohio Barn Quilt Tour

The Champaign County Barn Quilt Tour combines into one event a celebration of folk and fine art, agriculture and history.

Though we haven’t reached the autumnal equinox—September 22—I’d just like to put in a good word for fall. It’s my favorite season. The colors, the crisp air, the crunch of leaves underfoot as I run. (Come on, stay with me.) It’s an ideal time to celebrate God’s creation.

Last Saturday I ran 10 miles on the Simon Kenton Trail—from home to Woodburn Road and back. I finished surprisingly refreshed. A week earlier, I would have ended a mere puddle.

Fall. It’s the perfect time to ramble.

Champaign County, Ohio, offers plenty of opportunity to do just that—and

Ohio Fish and Shrimp Festival in Urbana, Ohio

Diners enjoy a little bluegrass with their seafood at the 2009 Ohio Fish and Shrimp Festival.

close to home so you can save gas money.

Take a look at the following list and plan your own fall ramblings through Champaign County:

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