Happy Trails to You!

Simon Kenton Trail, Urbana, Ohio

The Simon Kenton Trail meanders through Melvin Miller Park.

Just a reminder from my last post … please leave a comment about how and where you most like to exercise in Champaign County, Ohio.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you my favorite: the Simon Kenton Trail (SKT) bike path.

It’s an 11-mile paved trail for bicyclists, walkers, inline skaters and runners that links some of Urbana’s finest fitness and community assets. It starts (or ends, depending on where you start) at the Champaign Family YMCA, passes the Urbana City Schools’ track and athletic fields, loops around Melvin Miller Park, runs through Urbana to the beautifully restored Urbana Station Depot (home of the Depot Coffee House), continues past Urbana University, then heads out of town right by Cedar Bog Nature Preserve. In Clark County it merges with the Little Miami Scenic Trail and moves on to Cincinnati.

Basically, it’s a long, continuous playground—a big excuse for friends and families to get out and exercise.

Depending on your current fitness level, you can take on any amount of the trail you wish – and measure your progress as you gain distance and discover new parts of the path.

I like to bicycle, but my favorite way to break a sweat is running. Of course, I can do that anywhere, but I feel most at ease on the trail, free of motorized traffic (but please look both ways at the road crossings).

Did you know? Plans are underway to extend the Simon Kenton Trail further – north from the Depot up to Urbana’s northern city limit by Grimes Field airport.

Next up on Champaign Uncorked! find out how you can support the trail extension on September 12, as you and other bicyclists enjoy the SKT and Champaign County’s scenic country roads. And find out how you can support the trail as a member of the all-volunteer organization that maintains the SKT.


  1. I love the bike path! I walk it just about everyday. I love that I can walk in different directions… sometimes I’m in the mood for the park, while sometimes I’m in the mood for a long walk towards Springfield. We are so fortunate to have this treasure!

  2. I also love the bike path! I try to walk whenever I can & just last night Darby (my dog) & I were walking & looked over to see that a doe & her 2 babies were walking right across the stream from us! Love meeting all the people from different areas that use our section of the path. Seems like everyday I meet someone new coming off the path.

  3. Of course, I’ll say It Figures! Fitness Center, 1305 North Main Street, 652-2007. Our strength training circuit is great for working out all the major muscle groups in the body. We have recumbent bikes for the times you can’t make it out on the Simon Kenton Trail. To mix up your routine, you can take a class like Zumba, Step & Strength, or challenge yourself with a boot camp class. We love the bike path, and have seen some amazing animals on the path. My husband plays Racquet Ball at Urbana University. Fitness should be a part of everyone’s daily life. In Champaign County we have so many options. I suggest you try them all!

  4. Gary Schenkel says:

    Thanks for your comments! We are very fortunate to have so many indoor and outdoor opportunities. Now the challenge is to convince more people of the benefits.

  5. I live in Springfield. I’m retired and bike the trail to Urbana nearly everyday. It is such a blessing to have such a beautiful and well maintained path. Unlike the Buck Creek Trail in Sprinfield, there is never any glass or trash. I’ve been using the path for about 5 years, and I think that its popularity is growing. Many mornings, the parking lot at County Line Rd is completely full.

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