Running and Walking out of Excuses

Running in the BOSS

At today’s BOSS (Big Orange Shoe Shop) Summer Run in West Liberty, Ohio, I felt a bit sluggish (65:10.5 in the 10K). I was running a pint low; I donated blood Friday. (And thank you, Dairy Corner, for the “give a pint, get a pint” offer! I chose praline pecan.)

But no more excuses about my running. After all, when it comes to exercise, excuses are too easy to come by. Even so, about 275 people crossed the finish line at the BOSS—nearly all of them in front of me.

Another group didn’t make excuses this morning. They gathered at the Champaign Family YMCA to walk a mile together. It was the final mile of the Champaign County Marathon, a program sponsored by Activate Champaign County to encourage people to make exercise a part of their routine – and walk at least marathon distance, 26.2 miles, over the past eight weeks.

After the BOSS run with fellow Champaign Countians and back-of-the-packers Steve Henderson, his son-in-law Ben Dunham and Ben's son Riley.

Had I picked up my 10K pace a bit—like Josiah Bragg’s winning time of 36:39.3—I could have made it back to Urbana in time to join them. But since I only run like that in my dreams, here’s a tardy congratulations and keep it up!

In upcoming posts I plan to feature all of the great excuses we have in Champaign County to exercise—rather than avoid it. I welcome your suggestions. Please leave a comment: where and how do you like to exercise in Champaign County?

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